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Boku no Hero Academia 188 Chapter English. 僕のヒーローアカデミア 188. Todoroki had an older brother? Who kneeeeeeew! I'm not a fan of this drastic redemption for endeavor, especially how rei is softening up to him. A part of me wants endeavor to remain detestable and power hungry but that would also be too boring after a while. Also that final attack holy crap, not sure if the "Impossible!" is negative or a confirmation that it was indeed his final move. Watch him one shot this nomu now that all the people are evacuated. Todoroki is really sending written letters in 2018? His room was also traditional japanese style if I remember correctly. Endeavor getting a redemption arc is interesting. On one hand he did some horrible shit, but that doesn't mean he can't try to fix it better later than never. That said, to me the one thing he needs to do for that is to come clean to the world of what he did to his family. That, or *death flag intensifies* he dies/is hospitalized in the same hospital as his wife?. Also hawks' quirk is insane, and controlling that many feathers is damn impressive. Many people will still not accept this endevour's redemption but for me I will give it a pass its shows that everyone really have a second chance and right to change especially that his putting a work on his redemption not just talk but I'm still waiting for the time he personally apologize to his family I'm ok too if this family problem is not shown in the public not all about the certain figure need to be publicize. Hawks quirk is difficult but insane just like on mirio.

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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 188! You are now reading Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 188 online. 188 chap, Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 188 high quality, Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 188 manga scan. Hawks's control of his quirk is so good the fact that he let himself fall while his wings were rescuing the victims, then immediately regroup and attack the nomu shows what amazing control he has. Seems like endeavor really is trying to become a better person, which I'm glad. People were saying hawks will get his wings cut off. This chapter, hawks just casually jumps from top of a building without like 80% of his wings. Pretty cool. They were saying he would get burned from flying too close to the sun (endeavor), just as icarus did. And now he's trying to go at it's height (fighting at the same level as endeavor). I dunno man, I'd say this may be his last fight. We just met him though. If that's happening, surely it would be later down the line, when we understand his character better. Catch the latest boku no hero academia 188 spoilers, Read boku no hero academia 188 scans Online.
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I have complicated opinions on endeavor. On one hand, he is far, far from being someone who should be a number one, a face of all heroes (in japan, at least). On the other hand, I like his design, I like his powers, I like that despite having one of the most archetypical powers a superhuman can have, he finds more or less creative ways to use them instead of just going fireball, Fireball, Firewave. I also like those smaller details that people have noticed during previous episodes/issues: despite having tons of cash from being number 2 hero (he is able to live in comfort in a mansion with tons of people and provide them all with finacial well-being, after all), he doesn't seem like a show-off, I.E. He doesn't have any expensive cars, jewelry, or tasteless "Art" like many typical reach people do; when it comes to people who have nothing to do with him becoming number one (all-might as an obstacle, shoto as a proxy for his success, etc.), he is professional, polite and respectful; despite hating all-might, he did work with him during all for one incident, which, I presume, means that by the end of the day he is able to put his personal problems aside in order to do the job right, which, in my opinion, speaks of high level of professionalism; he is a hero with the highest number of crimes solved, which quite a feat. But back on the first hand, he was an ass to his family and since older children say so, the theory that shoto interpreted everything through childs eyes and was wrong (a theory which I supported) is now thrown out of the window. But back to the other hand, he did realise what he was and, I think, is trying to change. Lets see where this ship will sail.

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