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Boku no Hero Academia 172 Chapter English. 僕のヒーローアカデミア 172. I really like both gentle and la brava's design and so far their characters seem pretty interesting, despite being villains they don't really seem all too evil as compared to previous villains. I can't wait to see more from them and also get know what quirks they have, btw the way gentle mentioned the three heroes and then the three villains for the heroes he mentioned all might first and for the for villains he mentioned all for one first. As we know all for one is is all might's arch-nemesis, the second hero he mentioned was brave and the second villain he mentioned was destro, and finally the third hero he mentioned was crimson riot and the third villain he mentioned was oji harima. Maybe I'm completely wrong here but is it possible that destro is brave's arch-nemesis and oji harima is crimson riot's arch-nemesis? Anyways I do hope we get to see both destro and oji harima later on in the storyline and I really do hope we eventually get to see crimson riot he's the one pro hero I really want to see, also I'm starting to like bakugo's character even more now and I love that he's going to be playing the drums for the festival arc.

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You could read the latest and hottest boku no hero academia 172 manga. Download Boku no hero academia Chapter 172. This is where you can post and discuss the spoilers for the next chapter of Boku no Hero Academia. Read Boku no Hero Academia manga - chapter-172 online - pdf download. I'm a lot more interested in gentle and la brava now than I was last chapter even though their entrance was cool. I really didn't want them to show up at the festival but I guess that's gonna happen now but I'm satisfied with the info we got about them, they're a refreshing pair. I can't say I really cared for the bits with gentle and la brava, because they both seem rather lame to me. But after seeing what the two of them have planned, I hope that we'll be in for something interesting from the two of them, because for the moment, I'm finding it quite hard to care about either of them. Bakugou was the mvp of this for me. Who would of thought he'd be good at the drums. He also had some pretty good points. We also got some cute moments with jiro so that makes me happy. Gentle crashing the party will either mean he's very skilled, or he gets wrecked when he pisses of bakugo. 
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Read Boku No Hero Academia 172:At first I thought gentle and la brava are gonna get really boring and stale, but with their proper introduction now, they got really interesting. I love the idea of a stain like villain but a lot tamer and he wants to do it for da viewz. I'm always scared that horikoshi gets full of himself and doesn't put in the same effort as before because I've seen it in other series. But no, he puts in even more effort than before! He puts in so many pop-culture references and stuff that's popular (e.G. Youtube and gentle's channel) that it's just astoundishing.  I never really liked bakugou before, but that speach he held. It really just goes to show that 1-a really grew on him. His character development is really nice and noticable. And I think jirou saw something in him after that, if you know what I mean. But please, I want kaminari x jirou.

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I am in love with the new villian Gentle. He might actually become my new favourite villian (Stain #1 ) but I guess I have to wait and see what he will do in the upcoming chapters.  Now, I am gonna make a brave prediction here : I think Gentle is Aoyama's father! I know but the reason behind this is that they kinda look a bit similar and also share the same obsession with fame. Also, we got to learn more about Aoyama right before Gentle got reveald, I don't think this is coincidence. Gentle's starting to look like a gentle Stain. And also, I didn't expect my drumming Bakugou headcanon to be confirmed, let alone so soon! What's next? My multi-instrumentalist Jirou headcanon becoming an omake thing?

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