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Are you excited for Boku no hero academia Manga Chapter 154? The action with izuku and the others happened, I was certainly happy with that. Not to mention, the moment with mirio & nighteye was pretty nice as well. But as for what we saw at the end, it was quite interesting to see just how powerful chisaki's quirk is proving to be and now that he & nemoto have merged together, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing just what chisaki will be able to do in this merged form. Plus on a side note, I certainly don't mind how badass chisaki looks in this merged form. Overhaul fused with nemoto, just how ooverpowered is his quirk and I have a feeling he's going to be defeated at the end even tho I don't want that to happen and want him to escape instead and also it seems like chronostasis has a quirk that can slow down people's movements which looks pretty interesting. Also the last panel with fusion overhaul looks so awesome. I wonder what toga and twice will decide to do now, and who they'll go to attack specifically? If chisaki makes it out of this, it'll be interesting to see what happens to him since his whole crew is essentially done for! If he doesn't make it out of here, I wouldn't be surprised if toga/twice got their hands on the 'perfected' quirk nullifying bullets and got them to shigaraki. Then even though chisaki's gone, with those in their possession, the villain alliance will blow up even more.

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The latest chapter of boku no hero academia 154 is coming "Overhaul's New Fusion is Straight Outta Lovecraft". The new form he's taken is beyond creepy. Will Izuku be able to stop him? Will Togata ever recover his quirk? Either way he was a true hero to the bitter end, Nighteye reuniting with mirio was really touching, he was trembling too. The scene between nighteye and mirio was short but so amazing! Nighteye was so damn proud and mirio is a true hero, still protecting eri with all he got. Did not see chisaki fusing with nemoto. If he would be able to use the respective quirk by fusing too damn this dude was already pretty overpowered with his own quirk. I dunno about defeating him but I realy hope that izuku will be able to save eri I mean mirio really gave his all and it would be sad and so not right if all his effort would go to waste. Eri has to be saved now no matter what! So chisaki can even disassemble himself and transform. That design looks so badass! Now I'm not too sure if they'll be able to keep eri from him. Doubt deku will beat him though, he'll definitely escape. Overhaul continues to be hella impressive.  The latest boku no hero academia manga 154 chapter will be available as soon as they are released by manga. Just wait for boku no hero academia 154 spoilers and boku no hero academia 154 raw pics with English translation.

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This is Page 1 of Boku No Hero Academia 154: I'm lovin' Overhaul as a villain. His power is cool af and that ending only proved it more. For Toga and Twice, particularly Toga, I hope Overhaul actually does something to them instead. They really underestimate him and honestly, they're mad at him when it was their fault. Cool to see Rock Lock's backstory and why he was worried about the kids. What I think will happen is Overhaul will be de-quirked and Toga and Twice will come in and kill him. Though, even without his quirk Overhaul is still a formidable opponent.

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I really loved how this author does his villains man. Eeach villain's leader has a different personality and goals. This is why Overhaul is probably my favorite villain and one of my favorite characters. When he healed Chrono during that altercation between Mirio he healead him that quick I just got chills idk why. That fusion looks hella epic. I love how Horikoshi basically backhanded everybody that made fun of Rocklock so far by making him extremely sympathetic in just a couple of panels. His attitude makes complete sense to me as well because that's just how some people try to handle these problems. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would openly show concern for some kids but as we now know he is the kind of man that would openly yell at some kids to scare them to shoo them away. He was also the realest hero there for that moment because he was the only one that kept thinking about their number one priority all the time - saving a little scared girl. He obviously was so focused on that because of his newborn daugther but all the other heroes and policemen there were wondering about the LoV etc. and weren't sure if they should continue the operation.