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Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing the next chapter of Boku no Hero Academia, which is Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 161. So he left overhaul to be limbless quirkless man that can only watch and see as shigaraki becomes the new head of the underground. That's so evil I could cry. Also, you think overhaul can fix himself up by learning how to use his quirk another part of his body. I'm just saying because if quirks are like an extension and his quirk seems to rely on touch, he could learn to activate it with his tounge or something. I mean it will take some practice but I'm sure he won't just sit there and watch as the villian alliance grows.
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You are reading Boku no Hero Academia Spoilers & RAW manga chapter 161 in English.
Read Boku no Hero Academia 161 Chapter - I actually got the idea when I saw compress. Like was his quirk reliant on two arms, or did he just get a prosthetic because hey, if I lost an arm I would want one too? I know some quirks are fixed to a certain location, like limb extensions and enhancements such as nighteye and that tooth villain. But then there are one that can be used from all over your body, like ofa and intangibility.

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With overhaul and shig, I think the reason why he can only use it with his hands, or anyone for that matter, is because of we, as humans, put most of there mental focus in our hands. It's like when your learning to write, you're terrible at first but then you get to the point where you only need only need three fingers to write. We can even play instruments, do tricks, and use tools well with hands. Some of us can play entire songs subconsciously. What I am getting at when a person's quirk first develops, and it requires touch, why not with start learning to use it through your hand. We use them for everything else in life, it easier to focus using your hands than with your feet or elbow.

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